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The below was transferred from Fetlife, my writings, on my profile.  It is an original writing composed by me.


On Egomaniacs And Assholes

Finally said something to a complete asshole that has been trailing a friend here on fetlife, messing with he whenever he gets the chance. After banning her from a group he mods by choosing that point to strictly apply rules he ignored before and after, he sent her a series of abusive PMs, then finished off with a pompous “don’t PM me except for official reasons” PM so as to be able to go run behind his Mommy’s skirt if she responded to his demonstration of how to be a shit-ass.

The one part that she did let bother her is below. Thought I’d offer a breakdown and translation. In full, it reads:

“Get over yourself already. You’re not smart, you’re not interesting, you’re not attractive. I wouldn’t be stalking someone like you if you paid me.”

I’ll start with the fundamentals. I’ve watched him and refused to respond for quite some time now. His primary method of correspondence with virtually everyone on fetlife is to tell them how wrong they are and prove it by giving his version of things. Thus the “proof” of their error is, in the end, because he says so. It makes the sensible person question just exactly why he works so hard to get others to see how right he is if he really does already know he’s always so right. Any, in consideration of my friend who he banned, then tore down in PM, then sanctimoniously stuck his nose in the air above and walked away from, I offer the following breakdown of the part that it seems bothered her the most.

Get over yourself already

Him: I can’t stand thinking about me so we gotta get the focus back on you, so here’s a dismissive phrase that makes me feel like a big man.
Me: Ironic, isn’t it? An egomaniac telling someone who consistently and fairly constantly puts other people first to “get over themself.” Three fingers point back, pal.

You’re not smart

Him: I’ve proved time and again how much smarter I am than you are, than everybody is, as a matter of fact.
Me: Nobody with any sense believes that your uber-parcing of selected phrases so you can make what you claim to be an error in one of the parcels appear to prove your superiority really makes you smarter. The few who do believe it are as sad as you are.

You’re not interesting

Me: see above under “you’re not smart” and replace smart with interesting. Same deal, same rationale, he’s merely picked another characteristic to pile onto the first one.

You’re not attractive

Me: see above under “you’re not smart” and replace smart with attractive. Same deal, same rationale, he’s merely picked a third characteristic to pile onto the first one.

See Note (1) below

I wouldn’t be stalking someone like you if you paid me.

Me: “Stalking” is the one thing among all she’s said to him that the caretakers and operators of the site would possibly intervene in that would result in more than a wrist slap limited to one post or one group. Ergo, he addresses it, and again, like a schoolboy in elementary (or primary) school, he gives the equivalent of “nu uh, I didn’t do it, I would never do that” as his defense and his egotism demands that he be believed. He is, after all, the last word on anything he gives the last word on, and to be sure of that, after his last word, he attempted to forbid her from responding by glomming onto an internet principle that is fairly universally accepted – unwanted private communication after warning it’s unwanted.

Well, here are some facts about the matter.

She IS smart. I’ve spent enough time on the net dealing with her on an equal one for one basis that there is no question there. I’m not saying I’m some brainy guy, but given that I’m a guy who took a high school education and ended up operating nuclear reactors in the most successful nuclear power program in the world, I think my identification of someone as “smart” is valid enough to consider.

She IS interesting. One of the more interesting people I’ve ever met. There are facets to her overall character that would appear to be contradictory, if one saw them in two people, but when melded in her, they somehow compliment each other. She can be as hedonistic as hell (which is an expression of “me first” at it’s roots, honestly, and that can be ok), then turn around and go stay with a friend to help her recover from eye surgery. Interestingly, the same friend is the lady whose existence this egotistical asshole orignially dismissed, then tried to rationalize around so that this lady didn’t matter as though she didn’t exist.

She IS attractive. The exterior speaks for itself. Holy hell, THAT looks damn good. The interior is equally attractive. Empathetic; funny; never takes herself too seriously; caring; puts others first so routinely that it’s not a matter of thinking about it, it’s just natural; honest as a matter of course, not as a matter of having to try to be… oh yeah, she’s damned attractive, inside and out.

He does stalk her, but he’s not an unintelligent person. He only stalks her in places where he enjoys either the power of being a mod or the power of having a large posse of supporters. He never stalks her in a place where they would be seen as equals. I’ve watched it and watched it and watched it and it finally got under my skin enough to say something to him about it. However, the point of this note is the lie he told my friend to make himself feel superior again.

I am not suggesting you should blindly believe any of this because I said it. That would be flattering, but the truth is, if you hang around my writings and postings and activity enough, you’ll see how my friend is, and how wrong the idiot is and how much nobody should EVER put him in a position of power or authority again, and you’ll see all of that for yourself.



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Train Times.  It’s the new tab.  It will contain musings and whatever other writings that happen to hit me because of what I see or hear on the train on my commute.  It might be very docile, or it might well be outrageous.  Only time will tell.

The first entry will be song lyrics I wrote a while ago on the way home, as soon as I find what the heck I did with them.


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