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Pardon me while I drag a Buck Owens memory out of my cobwebs…

     Together again my tears have stopped falling
     The long lonely nights are now at an end
     The key to my heart you hold in your hand
     But nothing else matters cause we’re together again 

OK, I’m an old geezer that likes old country music.  So shoot me.

Together again applies.  For almost 7 days I was whole.

Toys?  Yeah, a few new ones.  I have NO idea how the blazes my camera got set on black and white for the pics of the one toy while it was installed, but it did.  Turned out more green and green-grayish than black and white.  No matter.  Just an excuse to get Together Again all the sooner, to correct the picture problem.

I like where we were.  Nice cabin, reasonable rates, two bedrooms, enough room for two couples (oh, the ideas THAT causes…  Gggrrrooowwwlllllllll ).  If we could get Together Again there, with the right couple of friends…  more Gggrrrooowwwlllllllllllllllll.

Little girl can cook.  She’d never put her own lasagna together by herself before.  We had no lasagna pan.  We lost the oregano between the store and the cabin (and found it a day later between the seats of the vehicle).  The pan we had available for cooking the pasta was way too small.  She was worried it wouldn’t turn out well.  Bull.  It was GREAT.  First night was dinner out at her favorite restaurant, but dinner cooked for me by her hand night number two was my favorite.  Guaranteed we do THAT when we are Together Again, except next time I’ll bring a smaller lasagna pan (or more mouths to feed, either way) cause if we’d wanted to, we could have had leftover lasagna night three, and four, and some for breakfast, too.   

Don’t look at me like that.  I eat cold pizza for breakfast, why not cold lasagna?

Together Again meant an old dude can like new movies.  Oh, and the rumor that I am totally absorbed by Harry Potter is grossly overstated.  I did enjoy the movies.  I didn’t note things like the stray thread from this character’s coat that little girl seems to just innately locate like a hawk finding a field mouse.   I did enjoy the movies, though.  Yeah, we watched movies.  It’s not ALL about ropes and Hitachi Wands and plugs and canes and belts and floggers and…  you know. 

Together Again meant seeing some of her world, since she had seen some of mine last time.

Together Again meant knowing that the person under the covers with me REALLY wanted to be there.

KNOWING it.  Without question.

Together Again.  Yeah, I need to write at least this.  Needed to connect to it again.  There will be a next time, another Together Again, and I will be whole again, and she will touch the one who wants her, trusts her, loves her, and KNOWS that she is good enough, just as she is.

Together Again.  Sing it, Buck.



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