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I just basically set Fetlife on a shelf. I feel for John Baku and his crew, as they attempt to deal with the craziness of 90% fairly normal kinky people, and 10% complete attention whores and/or loons.

I frankly started to write a lot about the 10%, but frankly, they are not worth that much time. I’ll summarize. They have picked some topic that, considered alone, is a worthwhile topic. Examples include plagiarism, copyright violations, and sex with minors. Each one is evil, with varying degrees of evilness if estimated by their impact on society. That’s pretty much where the good stops. Using a nearly universal battle cry that is some variant of “if it saves just one ______________ from happening, it’s all worth it” they march forward on their version of the crusades. How sad that they combine the errant principle that the ends justify the means with a pity party for themselves, and connect that vile combination to an honorable pursuit.

Ergo, what I might have written there, I will write here. If there are pics to post, I will post them here. There will be links to each of these things there, because that is a community that I am at least a tiny part of, and I wish my community mates to have access, but I will not allow grown ups acting like 5th graders playing cops and robbers to have any sort of sway over what I write or display.

Be well, love, smile, and prosper,



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