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The Wagon

The old wagon sat by the side of the road at the end of its new made tracks
‘Twas a veteran of years and of big loads and tears, and its paint was worn and cracked
As it watched the shiny new trucks go by, even some not so gleaming or new
It admitted to itself, just then, that its time was nearly through

Oh, there were some folks, the wagon knew, whose memories were old enough
To remember that only wagons could work where the land was uneven or rough.
If there was no road, a wagon still bore the loads that those trucks would soon strand
Oh it didn’t carry as much or as fast, but it could go anywhere in the land.

And the wagon remembered, oh the memories it had of keeping its passenger safe
While the passenger thought it was driving the thing, but the wagon was watching the trace
When the passenger strove for a path that went right, and cursed when the wagon went left
The wagon chuckled remembering those days, as its rider then saw what was best

So the wagon watched its replacements go by, as it stood where the need disappeared
With its weathered old boards and its iron with some rust that together traced all of its years
And it knew in its bones, if wagons have bones, that its usefulness was nearly fulfilled
Cause nobody needs a wagon no more, they all stay on the roads others build.

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