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Well Hello There

I’ve been inactive recently because I’ve been learning so much that I believe my mind has stretch marks. 

I wanted to make this a writing blog.  I was certain when I turned that direction that here was pretty much the only place I was likely to be published.  However, I find that is not completely true.  One gentleman kicked the door open a little for me, and time and new acquaintances have shown me that it’s open farther than I thought. 


Ergo, I removed the Kansas story, believing at first that it would be my first novel… after I added a considerable amount.  It turns out that 20K words do not a novel make.  Now, I am not sure that I will try to rewrite it for that purpose, at least not at first.

So, my absence here has been occupied with gathering writing tips, advice, contacts, and other assorted necessities for my brain to fully grasp what I believe is before me. 

In the meantime, a few links to interesting places…

Molly, my sister from different parents, has totally redone her website.  You should go look.  See the link over there to the right?  Molly’s Daily Kiss.  Yes, that’s it.  Go.  You’ll like it.  Go on, it won’t bite…

A new Twitter acquaintance, @DianeAlberts, (http://www.dianealberts.com) has just released a book, Try Me.  It’s available on Amazon.  Buy one, and you get 25 chances at a free Kindle or Nook, IF the book breaks the top 100 by July 4.  It’s headed that way, and with enough support, it should make it.  I highly advise going over there and getting one.  It is NOT expensive.  lInk: amzn.to/Ll60Ki

Are you a writer?  You cannot afford to miss the editor tips provided every evening at 6PM US Central time on Twitter by @smoulderingsea.  They are posted on his website, http://kowloonbynight.com/, later each evening.  Do NOT miss these if you hope to be published other than by self publishing.  Frankly, half of them are essential even if you self publish.

Finally, a public thank you to @Cassandra_Carr, who has been very helpful and open to a virtual stranger, me.  Her website is http://booksbycassandracarr.com/ where you will find links to some pretty damn hot erotic romance.  Her latest release is listed there, as well as the fact that her book Impact was the May book of the month at BDSM Book Reviews (bit.ly/KTtn0C).  Congratulations, Cassandra!

More, later, and when depends on whether I can get to the internet from way back in the country for the fourth of July.

Take care,



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